Dubai nightlife... Where to go and what to do

Dubai is almost dead during the day and becomes alive at night. You can enjoy Dubai nightlife in various ways depending on “what” you want.

Especially there are specific Dubai nightclubs to cater deferent requirements and clients..

Dubai has excellent nightlife. However, you should know the limitations, as there are strict laws in Dubai.

Lets start with Dubai nightclubs…

There are varieties of nightclubs in Dubai. Some are free to enter and some are charging an entrance fee. Visit Dubai Nighclubs page for more on nightclubs and review of my favourite nightclubs.

Lets continue with Dubai nightlife….


Liquor is not freely available in Dubai. That means there are no pubs or bars along the road. There is a liquor permit issued for residence visa holders.

If you are a visitor you will have to go to a nightclub or to a bar in a hotel to get liquor.

Liquor is expensive in Dubai, especially in nightclubs and in hotels. The best option is to buy liquor from the Duty Free shop at the Dubai Airport while coming into Dubai.


Bars are not available in all Dubai hotels mainly due to religious reasons. If alcohol is part of your daily life then you should be careful when selecting your accommodation.

Apart from that, most of the hotels have bars.

Hanging around in a bar till midnight is part of the nightlife in Dubai for most of the expatriates and visitors.

Creek Park…. a nice place to hang around

Dubai Creek Park is a nice place to visit at night. The park is huge and therefore not crowded.

The atmosphere is fantastic at night. There are play areas for children. You can just relax in the park and enjoy the view of colourful buildings in the other side of the creek. This is a nice place for the whole family.

Shopping is a major part of Dubai nightlife. Visit Shopping in Dubai page for more on shopping.